The Mature Mind – Kairos Alive!

Dr. Gene Cohen, a former Director of the National Institute of Health, was the author of The Mature Mind and The Creative Age said that we had become so focused upon the losses of aging that we had never studied the gains of a mature mind. Throughout life we are growing in our creativity. As people of faith we often become dependent upon our rational brain rather than striving for a balance with our relational heart. In striving to help the Church rethink it’s approach to Second Half of Life Ministry I’ve chosen as my first blog to lift up a picture and mission of a secular organization “Kairos Alive” to help us think outside of our traditional box.

Kairos Alive! transforms lives through dance and story, and raises awareness of the importance of creative involvement across the lifespan for verifiable health benefits. We use the power of participatory, creative dance theater to make connections, stir the imagination, and create resilience in intergenerational communities. Our Choreography of Care™ programs promote personal and community wellbeing through our Intergenerational Dance Hall™ public participation events, our Dancing Heart™ weekly programming, our Community Arts and Wellbeing™ Residencies, and other programs.



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